Microsoft has an Xbox One update going live tomorrow, but it just doesn’t know exactly when.

The company plans to release a patch that might make your $500 Microsoft console a little better. The update will add new features like improved data management and more voice controls. So, what time tomorrow can you expect to download it?

Well, Microsoft isn’t sure.

“[It’s] very much to be determined,” Microsoft spokesperson David Dennis told GamesBeat. “It’ll depend on when our engineering team finishes the system and when they clear the necessary certification hurdles.”

After it goes through that process, Microsoft will need to deploy it on a worldwide scale. That will require more manual work to make sure the local servers around the world are ready to send out the update. That means it won’t go out simultaneously around the globe.

“There isn’t just a big red button someone hits that pushes it out to everyone at the same time, ” said Dennis.

When the update does go live in your market, your Xbox One will prompt you to download it. You’ll have to physically go through and start the process because the console is not yet equipped to start these major updates in the background. This update is actually going to add that functionality, and the second update that is due in March should download automatically.

Microsoft announced these improvements last week. Tomorrow’s is the first of a pair. In addition to beefing up the data management and voice control, Microsoft says it will include a number of other features. The second patch, due March 4, will improve Xbox One’s multiplayer and party-chat system.


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