The Xbox One is getting an update today, but Microsoft is already looking forward to the next patch, which is due in March.

Microsoft pushed out an update to its Xbox One console today that will improve data management, add new voice-control features, and tell you how much battery juice the controller has left. This is only the first part of a two-stage upgrade for the $500 gaming system, and Microsoft is providing detailed specifics about the next set of improvements that are scheduled to hit on March 4.

The next update is all about making sure the Xbox One works well as an online gaming machine for multiplayer in time for the anticipated release of Electronic Arts’ shooter Titanfall. That game is due out March 11.

“While we’re thrilled to launch the February update today, we’re already looking ahead to March,” Xbox One designer Marc Whitten wrote in a blog post. “We’ve prided ourselves on having the best multiplayer service for Xbox 360, and we’ve listened to your feedback about the features you want to see on Xbox One and Xbox Live. We’ve heard your feedback, and the team has been working overtime to deliver updates that will significantly improve the multiplayer and party experience on Xbox One.”

 Here’s what’s different in the March update:

  • The friends list is easier to find: Microsoft will put your list of friends right at the center of the Friends app so that it takes fewer clicks or voice commands to see who is online.
  • Parties will default to party chat: Now, when a group of friends go into a party, the system will automatically place them in party chat. Currently, the players have to manually select that option.
  • Party chat across games: Players in a party can all chat with one another no matter what they’re doing with the system.
  • A new “invite friends to game” option: A new button in a game’s menu will enable players to quickly invite their friends to a game and a party.
  • Recent-players list: When you meet someone in a match, you can now go back and find them using the recent-players list.

Whitten says that the March update will also include other new features and improvements, but he only listed the ones above. We’ll have more information as we get our hands on it.

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