Microsoft was supposed to release a patch Tuesday that would bring a number of new features to its Xbox One console, but the update is now coming at some point this week.

The company originally announced that it would release a system overhaul on Feb. 11. The update will add improved data management, more voice controls, and a battery indicator for the controller. Microsoft is still working on finishing the patch, however, which means it missed its original deadline and is now expected in the next few days.

“It’ll depend on when our engineering team finishes the system and they clear the necessary certification hurdles,” Xbox spokesperson David Dennis told GamesBeat earlier this week. “There isn’t just a big red button that someone and it is pushed out to everyone at the same time.”

Once the update is finished — and Microsoft certifies that it won’t lock an inordinate number of consoles — it will take the hardware manufacturer some time to prepare its worldwide network of servers to release the patch.

Microsoft has also changed the timing for a second update that is due in March. That download, which will improve the system’s multiplayer and chat features, is now coming in “early March.” That’s opposed to the previously announced date of March 4. Microsoft is now only certain that it’ll get the March patch out before the anticipated shooter Titanfall debuts on March 11.


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