Online security firm Bit9 has major news to share: The company has raised $38.25 million, and simultaneously announced its acquisition of Carbon Black.

Both Bit9 and Carbon Black focus on “endpoint threat detection and response,” a fancy term for preventing and responding to attacks against websites. According to the release, Bit9 brazenly claims these developments prove that it “will reign king as the leader in endpoint security.”


Today’s news marks Mass.-based Bit9’s fifth (that’s right, fifth) round of funding. Previously, Bit9 raised $34.5 million in 2012.

It’s concerning that Bit9’s fifth round nearly matches its fourth in size, as it suggests stagnation rather than growth potential. Because the terms of the Carbon Black acquisition were not disclosed, it’s unclear whether this round was intended to recoup some of the runway lost in the deal.

Correction: Bit9 tells us it will continue to leverage the Carbon Black brand.