Facebook is No. 1 again.

The massive social network is the top destination for interns seeking careers in technology, according to a study released today by Glassdoor, a job career site that permits people to post information anonymously on their experiences in the workforce.

Facebook took the number one slot out of the 13 tech companies that made Glassdoor’s top 25 list. Facebook dethroned Google for the top spot in 2014. The search and Android company clocked in at No. 2. Google previously topped the list the in 2012 and 2103.

Yahoo came in at 14. Qualcomm, Epic Systems, and Intel rounded out tech’s top 5 “it” destinations.

Glassdoor compiled the list based information data mined from intern experiences posted on their site anonymously and voluntarily, said MaryJo Fitzgerald, a Glassdoor spokesperson. Glassdoor analysts reviewed “thousands”  of posts from interns interested in pursuing careers in technology.

“We’re shining a light on hiring and jobs that people actually love,” Fitzgerald said.

Glassdoor’s data science team spent a month compiling the report.

The study was also broken down geographically. Interestingly, Glassdoor’s data indicated New York topped the list of U.S. cities with internships available, 900, followed by Los Angeles, 500, and the Bay Area clocking in at a respectable third with over 450 advertised internships opening.

“The culture is pretty awesome and has staying power. The intern program is amazing and everyone is actually happy that the interns are there,” a Facebook intern based in Menlo Park posted to Glassdoor.

An Apple intern had nothing but raves for the Cupertino-based giant.

“In addition to providing free housing, which was at worst a 15-minute drive from work, or a $1,000 housing stipend, some teams provide free lunches/dinners to employees, and you’re also eligible for all the other employee benefits, like health insurance, fitness center membership, product discounts, etc,” the anonymous Apple intern posted.