Check here for information on the Xbox Live outage impacting Titanfall on March 25.

The Titanfall beta is Respawn’s Valentine’s Day gift to anyone lucky enough to get in, but it is having a bit of trouble.

Excited gamers who hopped on Xbox One or PC this evening found an error message instead of giant robots waiting for them. The anticipated sci-fi shooter’s beta is currently not working and instead gives gamers a “no servers found” message. This is a bug with the Microsoft Xbox cloud that powers Titanfall’s servers, according to engineer Jon Shiring of developer Respawn Entertainment.

Shiring explained that this is not a limit of Microsoft’s servers. It is instead a bug on Microsoft’s side that is preventing the game from allocating the additional capacity that it needs. The cloud team at Microsoft is working on the problem and is slowly getting the game back online.

This kind of malfunction is one of the reasons that Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts decided to run a large-scale beta. The test began earlier this week, but the problem didn’t surface until Friday evening after the Eastern United States got off work. The test will run through the weekend.

“For the record, this is why we are doing a beta,” said Shiring.

Titanfall puts players in control of a mech pilot in a futuristic military setting. Players can fight on foot or in the cockpit of a giant walking tank. The game is due out March 11 for Xbox One and PC. An Xbox 360 version will follow.

The final game will run totally on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure.

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