Microsoft is overhauling your Xbox One.

The hardware manufacturer is finally doling out its planned February system update, according to company spokesperson Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb. Gamers will soon have more control over their data, the ability to use a USB keyboard, and more.¬†Microsoft revealed that the console will check for the update the next time you turn off the system during your local “off-peak hours.” For folks in the U.S., that probably means you’ll wake tomorrow to an Xbox One system prompt letting you know about the patch.

This update will enable gamers to see and manage the Xbox One’s stored data. This means you can delete games you’re no longer playing to make room for things like the Titanfall beta that’s running this weekend. Prior to this update, Xbox One owners had no way to see what was on the hard drive. Xbox One will now also have a battery-level indicator for the controller on the homescreen, and the system will work with USB keyboards for the Internet browser and operating system. Keyboards do not work with games.

Microsoft told GamesBeat that it is making “hundreds” of other changes, but it is only talking about the very obvious user-facing stuff. We’ll have more information about the update once we get some time with it.

Another update is coming in March that improves Xbox One’s group-chat and multiplayer functionality. That is due in the early part of next month before publisher Electronic Arts launches the final version of its anticipated sci-fi military shooter Titanfall on March 11.

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