Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Above: Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Image Credit: Activision

We’re getting another Transformers game just in time for the franchise’s next blockbuster movie.

Continuing its bet on blockbuster movie games, Activision announced today that it will make the Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark video game in a partnership with Hasbro.

The game will debut on the current and next-generation consoles this June as Paramount Pictures releases its next movie in the long-running series, Transformers: Age of Extinction. Activision has been very choosy about its game franchises, as it is focusing only on blockbuster opportunities such as Call of Duty, Destiny, Skylanders, Transformers, and a few others.

The game from Activision Publishing, a division of Activision Blizzard, is a third-person action adventure that unites the universe of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies with the Cybertron universe — and you can play designs from either (so if you are a Transformers traditionalist and feel the Transformers from the movies are horrible, you can play the Cybertron looks).

Players will get to choose from 40 playable characters from the two different universes as they battle to get the Dark Spark. The game will release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, the Wii U, the 3DS, and Windows PC. The title coincides with the 30th anniversary of the U.S. launch of Transformers.

The Rise of the Dark Spark game follows up on Transformers: War for Cybertron and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. It chronicles the hunt for an ancient relic, the Dark Spark, as powerful as the Matrix of Leadership. Players will be able to switch between the heroes of the Autobots and the Decepticons in the single-player campaign. The multiplayer version will include Escalation, a wave-based survival style gameplay mode with up to four players online.

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