It’s incredible that people can play a game like Minecraft on smartphones, and it’s only possible using a scaled down version of the game. Despite that, developer Mojang is doing its best to make Minecraft Pocket Edition bigger and better.

Today, Mojang team member Daniel Kaplan announced on its official website that future updates to the hit sandbox game would provide for bigger worlds. That’s not all: He also said that the team is working on improving the A.I., inventory system, and “a bunch of other things.” One of the new features will be a wolves, like the one seen in the above image.

Not all of today’s news is good for mobile Minecraft players; Kaplan revealed that the beta of Minecraft Pocket Realms, a service that makes it easier to manage multiplayer servers, would be suspended on March 1. Mojang plans to reinstate Pocket Realms later this year after the release of PC Realms