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Update: The handgun shortcut kit is gone, but for those that still haven’t unlocked grenades yet by spamming the heck out of them, the BF4 Grenade Shortcut Kit is free until the end of the month.

February is Battlefield 4‘s “Player Appreciation” month, and EA/DICE is throwing a ton of bonuses at existing players and newbies alike. If you’re new or haven’t bought yet, now is not a bad time to get in for several reasons. Most importantly, today the BF4 Handgun Shortcut Kit is priced at $0.00 and will remain so for the rest of the month. After February, the DLC will cost $4.99. Even if you don’t own BF4 you might want to take advantage of the deal given it will be added to your Origin account, which can be useful if you eventually do decide to buy Battlefield 4.

The “Handgun Shortcut Kit” is the first shortcut unlock released for Battlefield 4. It will likely follow the pattern of Battlefield 3, which currently has 10 shortcut kits available for sale. This BF4 Handgun Shortcut Kit will unlock all secondary weapons (mostly pistols) for the original game (but not expansion sidearms). This saves the player a boatload of time unlocking each one through gameplay. Later this month, EA will make free a “Grenade Shortcut Kit”, but that bonus isn’t available yet (we’ll post it when it shows up).

In other BF4 news, yesterday also mark the release of the new “Second Assault” DLC expansion content for Battlefield 4 Premium Members only. This is the second expansion to BF4 and will officially release on March 4th for $14.99 for those that want to buy it piecemeal.

Further information on EA’s Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month can be found here. The important factor for existing players is that during this month, every day you log into BF4 you’ll receive a free Battlepack at 4am Pacific Time the following day. On weekdays, you’ll get a free Bronze Battlepack, and on weekends, it’s a free Silver Pack. All in all, great bonuses for current gamers, even though Battlefield 4 still has its share of problems (bugs and crashes). Hopefully more of this will be resolved well before the fourth and last expansion is released.

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