Kmsocial, a cross-platform social media marketing management service, secured tens of millions dollars in its second round of institutional funding.

Th round was led by Fosun Group’s venture capital arm Fosun Venture Capital Investment and followed by Series A investor Fidelity Growth Partners Asia.

Founded in 2010, Kmsocial is dedicated to provide high-performance social media management tools, helping customers to achieve efficient promotion across multiple social media channels. Visual maps are also presented to offer valuable information and data analysis.

The company’s core product is the Kongming Social Management Platform, which offers services like social media monitoring, CRM, social network ads, and data analysis, among others. Moreover, the firm also helps users to develop low-budget custom WeiboApps, third-party apps based on Weibo platform covering the categories of entertainment, life, information, etc.

The capital will be used in R&D of new products and team construction, according to founder and CEO E Wei. Around 1,600 companies are using its services, according to the official website of the company.

A group of similar startups has mushroomed in recent years, but with focii on different aspects. 37degree gives more focus to content management, similar to another media management company Social Touch. Vmaibo includes the functions of reputation management, content push, and Weibo-tracking. WeiboReach analyzes the distribution channels of Weibo, and Weiresearch features topic analysis and activity monitoring.

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