LiveGamer and MasterCard just made it easier for you to spend all your money on in-app purchases.

With the credit card company’s new MasterPass digital payments service, the New York-based Live Gamer will enable consumers to use any payment card or enabled device to discover an enhanced shopping experience. Live Gamer’s customers who operate digital storefronts will be able to provide consumers with a convenient and secure payment option via the Web or mobile devices. And it enables game and entertainment companies to generate more revenues in some of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

With MasterPass, shoppers can pay for things they want with the simple click of a mouse or touch of a tablet. Their secure payment and shipping data is stored within the digital service, which is readily accessible when they click or tap on the “buy with MasterPass” button and log into MasterPass. Now that button will be readily available as a payment option on Live Gamer’s storefronts. The fast experience will lead to fewer canceled purchases, claim the two companies. And they also claim this will lead to higher sales and more customer loyalty.

Live Gamer’s ambition is to offer best storefront and payment service for digital entertainment companies and game publishers. It enables creators of games and other programming to operate on a global basis and make money off customers in a wide variety of places.

All of this makes it easy to sell items such as virtual goods in an online game, as this reduces the friction for transactions, Schneider said.

“MasterPass was developed to meet the evolving payment needs of the new digital commerce ecosystem in which consumers expect the same secure and convenient payment experience regardless of where or when they’re making a purchase,” Ed Olebe, MasterCard’s group head of U.S. emerging payments, said in a statement. “When it comes to digital content, consumers are extremely particular in getting what they want, when they want it.”