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What will the next ‘big’ be? That is the key question investors are asking and companies are brainstorming.

Disruptive technological change seems to be a constant, but is it really changing the way companies and people operate as much as innovations in the past have? Are incremental advances delivering on the promise of value and impact?

The Economist will assemble its leading journalists and top innovation thought leaders to discuss and debate the key issues facing corporate executives, technologists, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs at its Innovation Forum, March 27th in Berkeley, California.

What inspires Isabelle Olsson, the lead industrial designer for Google Glass? What are companies like Cisco Systems, AT&T, Pfizer, Nissan, Microsoft, and Lockheed Martin doing to remain innovative in today’s market?

C-level and senior executives will gather at the Haas School of Business to gain fresh insight on what it takes to bring a company’s innovative ideas to the next stage. These executives are responsible for information technology, strategy, and marketing, as well as driving innovation and new product development.

Attendees will collaborate in strategy groups, learn the most effective practices that extend from the C-suite and R&D labs through the sales force and front-line employees and uncover ways to use innovation to drive growth.

Experts in the startup world from Google, Waze, Pebble Technology, and Indiegogo will also be present to lead discussions on how companies can find financing, innovate responsibly, and tackle public policy.

Other sessions include “Managing the risk of innovation: How companies take the leap,” “The speed of innovation,” and “Institutional innovation: Government’s major role.” View the full agenda here.

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