One overly-excited fan has already given us a full look at HTC’s next flagship smartphone.

Even though HTC isn’t officially announcing its new One smartphone until March 25, YouTube channel GadgetReviews has gotten its mitts on a developer version of the device and has wasted no time in uploading a lengthy video review.

The big changes are as expected: The phone sports a refined version of last year’s metal One design, with a brushed metal finish and more metal around the sides of the phone. It has a slightly larger display (5 inches versus 4.7-inches) and a dual-sensor camera (which the reviewer simply adores).

One unexpected new feature is the addition of expandable SD card storage. That’s something Samsung and plenty of other Android phone makers have offered for a while, usually as a bonus feature alongside removable case covers. But it’s not the sort of thing you typically see on phones with unsealed cases.

Overall, the new One looks like a total refinement over what made last year’s model one of my favorite Android phones. I’m glad HTC stuck with its metal design, as some of its recent One family members like the Max sported plastic cases.

This leaked video review has already been taken down several times, so it’s clear HTC didn’t want the world getting such a close look at the phone a month before it hits the market. But given that Samsung debuted the Galaxy S5 last month and also served as a huge sponsor for the Oscars, HTC could use all the exposure it can get.