Melbourne-based, a CRM solution for tech startups, has taken $250,000 in seed funding.

The money comes from Mark Harbottle and Leni Mayo, an early investor in Sitepoint and 99designs.

The model is interesting: Influx hooks online companies up with “technically minded customer service experts to excel at customer service delivery as their business scales.”

In other words, your tech-savvy customer never has to listen to another dummy asking them if they’ve tried reloading the page when said customer has repeatedly told said dummy it’s a server error.

Influx also works with companies that have small-scale needs, charging a flat monthly fee for the services.

“When you create a new business in the tech space, you’re born global. All of a sudden you have customers around the world buying your product, using your service, but there’s no affordable global customer support team,” said founder Mikey De Wildt.

“Traditional startup advice says stay close to your customer so you know what they want. … Failing to do so can be detrimental to your core business.” was founded in 2013.