The Kickstarter crowdfunding phenomenon just passed the $1 billion milestone today — and it’s got video games to thank for it.

Video games account for nearly 22 percent of the entire $1 billion. They’ve raised the most of Kickstarter’s 13 categories by a large margin: $18.3 million more than the closest competitor, film and video. Crowdfunding has revolutionized indie development, making it easier for small teams with great ideas to find support without a traditional publisher. It hasn’t only helped the software — it was also instrumental in making the Ouya, a video game console, a reality

Found in 2009, Kickstarter is by far the most successful crowdfunding website. Game developers have flocked to it as an alternative to funding from a publisher.

It is globally active as well, with contributors in 224 countries. Still, a disproportionate amount of total funds has come from the U.S., a whopping $663 million, or 66 percent. No other nation is anywhere close to that amount, but the U.K., Germany, and Australia have all made a significant impact with tens of millions of dollars raised.

The announcement of the milestone on Kickstarter’s website includes plenty of curious facts and figures, such as Wednesday seeing more money pledged than any other day of the week, or that $1 billion could buy enough copies of popular card game Cards Against Humanity for every person in Argentina. Here is a link to the infographic in case you want to read more.

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