If you’re an email purist, you’re not going to like this app.

After debuting four months ago in invite-only beta, SquareOne is launching its iOS email app for Gmail to the public with a simplified user interface that forgoes the traditional inbox.

SquareOne’s core feature revolves around groups, like a set of Gmail filters on steroids. The app ships preloaded with groups like “Friends” and “Social,” but you’re encouraged to create your own.

Unfortunately, you have to manually filter your contacts to take advantage of these groups. It’s a task that takes a bit of dedication, but we found it to be worth the effort.


After you establish filters in SquareOne, it takes a simple gesture to mute specific groups, such as like “Mailing Lists,” if you’re heads-down at work. Co-founder Branko Černý tells us his goal is to give users “more time and focus.”

“Clearly email apps are popping up like crazy, but we’re not trying to make a more powerful client for mobile. We’re not trying to add another feature. We really care about the human component. … Email is eating away at our lives.”

With a refined design and several thousand beta testers, SquareOne has so far raised a modest $300,000 seed round.

You can give the free app a try.