Payment firms Billeo and Danal have solved one of the problems that stands in the way of mobile commerce. They’ve found a way to automate those awful mobile billing forms that you have to fill out by typing one character at a time.

They have created a mobile identity solution for Billeo’s XpressBuy checkout service. The solution makes it easier to identify you and streamlines the checkout service by autofilling any forms with your relevant information, provided by Danal. Danal will ask you for some verified information, such as a zip code or the answer to another challenge question. The entire transaction can be completed in fewer than five keystrokes.

This development makes transactions both more secure and more consumer friendly, the companies say.

Mobile shoppers have been frustrated by having to use touchscreens to enter characters, one at a time, into an array of input fields. In 97 out of every 100 attempts, they abandon the process. San Jose, Calif.-based Danal created a federated identity data engine that merchants and enterprises can use to authenticate a user’s identity using direct mobile carrier account data.

Billeo focuses on getting users through that “buying moment” so they can really follow through on transactions for marketplaces, shopping apps, and Facebook and Twitter communities.

“Danal’s technology is superior to anything else in the industry, which makes it very easy to integrate for a cross carrier solution,” said Murali Subbarao, founder and President of Billeo, in a statement. “Their operational experience in working with carriers makes them the ideal partner for mobile identity and data solutions.”

Danal is a subsidiary of Danal Co., a South Korean mobile payments company that processes $7 billion transactions for 10,000 merchants. Danal was originally known as BilltoMobile. It spun off from its parent company, but then the Korean firm bought a controlling stake in BilltoMobile for under $100 million in 2010.

“Our mobile identity solution provides merchants and enterprises with a tremendous opportunity to utilize carrier data in the e-commerce space,” said Jim Greenwell, president and CEO of Danal, in a statement. “We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Billeo and look forward to future opportunities in carrier data solutions and mobile identity.”