Gamers live in their parents’ basement and are covered in Cheetos, but they also live in the master bedroom and like to play while watching NCIS.

Mobile publisher Tapjoy, which has a network of over 450 million consumers, recently ran a survey to learn more about its audience. The company found that 71 percent are older than 25, that they play games for at least three hours a week on average, and that 65 percent do not consider themselves “gamers.” The non-scientific study also found that they have an average household income of over $50,000 and that half enjoy playing while the TV is on.¬†The data potentially suggests that older and affluent people make up a significant portion of the audience spending¬†$16 billion on mobile games.

Of course, Tapjoy is hoping that marketers and advertisers will see this information and will want to place ads in mobile games to reach that audience. While the biggest titles on the iOS and Android markets generate their revenue from in-app purchases, many free games also make money from advertisement placements. Tapjoy is one of the main ad networks for mobile games.

The publisher released a full infographic that quickly covers many of its findings:

Mobile gamer

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