Online job application platforms (aka, where career dreams go to die) are challenging. Candidates hate them, employers can’t use them, and everyone ends up blaming each other for the hiccups.

European recruiting player Workable just received $1.5 million to help it make recruiting a smoother ride for everyone involved.

Greylock IL led the round, which now brings Workable to a total of $2.45 million in funding. The company had previously picked up $950,000 in seed funding from Jeremie Openfund II and other investors.

In a $14 billion human resources tech market, Workable is putting all its efforts into making sure its product takes a bite out of as much of the apple as possible.

“When it comes to serving SMEs (small and medium-size enterprises), making software that’s simple and intuitive is do or die,” said chief executive Nikos Moraitakis in a statement.

Workable’s latest product update helps companies open up their hiring process to professional recruiters while still keeping an eye on where applicants are coming from. As it’s mainly geared towards small and medium-sized businesses, it helps these companies take advantage of all recruiting opportunities and resources — even professional recruiters.

And while many of us might be rolling our eyes at the ideas of yet another online recruiting platform, the online recruiting trend is not going away. According to Workable’s own data, 70 percent of applicants use LinkedIn profiles when applying for jobs, and one in three applications comes from a mobile device. Workable wants us to accept this trend and make the technological transition less painful.

According to the company, it has grown by 30 percent every month in 2014 (yes, only for a couple of months) and already has hundreds of companies in 39 countries using its platform.

Workable has offices in London and Athens and was co-founded in 2012 by Nikos Moraitakis and Spyros Magiatis.