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As was reported yesterday, Watch Dogs will hit the store shelves on May 27th date for the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Of course, the news doesn’t stop there. Gamers waiting for Ubisoft’s new IP may want to take note of the Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition surfacing at various retailers now that release date is confirmed.

Those who have already purchased Assassin’s Creed IV Deluxe Edition or Gold Edition can probably guess what’s included: for the Watch Dog Deluxe Edition, you’ll essentially be getting extra in-game items through additional in-game missions (and there’s probably going to be a subsequent Gold Edition whenever the Season Pass is announced).

Check below for the full list of what you’ll be getting out of the Deluxe Edition. For those who have already decided to buy the game, here are the best deals on Deluxe and Standard Edition:

Both the above are Uplay keys and will require Uplay to activate.

Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition Features

White Hat Pack:

  • 60 minutes additional gameplay
  • Rewards:
    • White Hat Hacker Outfit
    • Hack Boost: Add 1 battery slot

The Palace Pack:

  • 20 minutes additional gameplay
  • Rewards:
    • Investigation Bonus: Unlock more investigation opportunities inside the network databanks.
    • ATM Hack Boost: Boost your cash rewards when hacking bank accounts.

Signature Shot Mission:

  • 20 minutes additional gameplay
  • Rewards:
    • Viceroys Outfit
    • Biometric Rifle

Breakthrough Pack:

  • 15 minutes additional gameplay
  • Reward:
    • Vehicle Expert Perk: Get free vehicles from your Underground Car Contact and earn discounts on select cars.

Club Justice Pack:

  • Rewards: Chicago South Club Outfit
  • Perk: Driving Master Perk: More Hit Points to Vehicles

Add up all the minutes and it comes to 115 minutes – almost two hours of additional gameplay. But of course, actual gameplay time is incredibly subjective, and you’ll have to make up your mind whether the extra 2 hours is worth the $15-$20 you’d be paying.

Preorder Bonuses for Watch Dog

These bonuses are included in both the Digital Deluxe and Standard Editions:

The Blume Agent Pack:

  • Blume Agent outfit
  • Blume Weapon Perk: Less recoil on shots

Best Deals on Watch Dogs Digital Deluxe Edition

Are the features listed above enough to entice you? If so, don’t pay full price! We went through the web and found various preorder deals for Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition. Deals are listed below by region:

Note: Use coupon H799RH-7L8NPP-RCKKT8 for UK/EU

Best Deals on Watch Dogs Standard Edition

Is the Deluxe Edition too rich for your blood, or don’t care to pay ~$10 more for 2 hours of gameplay? (We’re actually with you on this one.) Here are the best prices on the regular Watch Dogs version. All of them are Uplay keys:

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