Titanfall is now available in the U.S., and its developer is already squashing early server troubles.

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment finally shipped the highly anticipated first-person shooter Titanfall, but some gamers were having to wait a bit longer. Dozens of players were reporting that Titanfall was showing them an “attempting connection” screen for sometimes up to a half hour. Respawn was aware of the issue, and it has already issued a patch to address the problem.

Respawn and EA revealed that they were aware of the issue in the hours after Titanfall went on sale in the Eastern and Central time zones. Shortly after that, the developer explained the issue to fans on Twitter.

These kinds of server issues are not unexpected for a new product launch. Most online games go through similar problems or worse as they are hit with thousands of gamers all hopping onto servers at one time.

Fans are keeping a close watch on Titanfall because it is from EA, which launched a pair of games in 2013 notorious for their online issues. Those are SimCity and Battlefield 4. Each went through weeks of errors and connection issues. SimCity was unplayable for days following its March launch. Battlefield 4, meanwhile, is still having issues months after debuting in October.

Unlike those two games, however, Titanfall runs exclusively on Microsoft’s Xbox One cloud. EA, Respawn, and Microsoft have all talked up the potential of this platform for gaming, and this is one of its first major tests. If the server teams keep solving problems this fast, Microsoft is probably onto something.

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