A Facebook page called “I f*cking love science” has amassed over 10 million fans with a bombastic curiosity about the natural world. Soon, that group will be able to tune in and watch I F*cking Love Science on Discovery’s Science Channel.

The Facebook page is making the jump to television with the help of CBS’ Late Late Show host, Craig Ferguson, who will executive produce the new show.

“If you know anything about me, you know I love science,” said Ferguson Saturday night at SXSW. “Science has a naughty secret — it’s that all things are connected. And this show is going to explore the randomness of science. Think of it as a late night Google search that goes a hundred pages deep until things get weird — and then you just keep going.”

Each episode will run for 60 minutes, according to Elise Andrew, who created the Facebook page and will serve as a consulting producer on the show. Discovery is hoping to air the show in the third quarter, she said in a blog post.

I F*cking Love Science will join Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos, which debuted last night, as part of a new generation on science entertainment aiming to promote the field through a populist lens.

As Tyson said in his keynote at SXSW, “Science literacy is how much do you still wonder about the world around you. What is your state of curiosity?”

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