The cloud market can be confusing. ComputeNext aims to make the cloud ecosystem more digestible by bringing different vendors’ cloud services under a single roof.

After more than three years in stealth mode, the Bellevue, Wash.-based startup last year launched its cloud brokerage, which serves as an e-commerce platform for cloud infrastructure. The company last week raised $4 million of a planned $10 million funding round, according to an SEC regulatory filing, bringing its total financing to $8 million.

ComputeNext resells services from its partners, which include IBM SoftLayer, HP Cloud, and Joyent. In return, it takes a small slice of each transaction. It also provides a few cloud computing services of its own. Cloud consumers can filter through the options by computing power, storage space, software type, and intended use.

The startup competes with other cloud services brokerages, including Gravitant and AppDirect, but the company asserts its end-to-end marketplace capability sets it apart from the competition.

“Innovation is coming mostly on the economic models of cloud procurement not the use and management of it,” ComputeNext marketing chief Eamonn Colman told VentureBeat in an email.

So far, ComputeNext’s funding has come solely from angel investors.

Hat tip: Geekwire