Android folk finally have a way to use Jawbone’s latest fitness gadget with their devices.

Jawbone announced today that it’s updating its Up health tracking app for Android to support its new Up24 health band.

Mostly, this update is centered on enabling wireless synchronization on Android. Up24 is Jawbone’s first health tracker to sync wirelessly over Bluetooth, which it uses to automatically deliver constant progress updates throughout the day. Previously, you had to manually synchronize the Up wristband with your phone by plugging them into your phone’s headphone jack.

While there are certainly plenty of health tracker options out there today, I keep finding myself drawn back to Jawbone’s offerings. I’ve been using an Up24 over the past few months, and I’ve found the constant notifications and wireless synchronization to be incredibly useful. Now that competitorĀ Fitbit has recalled its latest wristband health tracker, the Up24 is an even more compelling choice. (Or you can just sit tight and wait to see what Fitbit’s next gadget will be.)