Disney Interactive, Activision, and Industrial Toys have all turned to technology firm Sleepy Giant to help them manage their games over the last several years. Now, that company is forming a new operations group so that it can offer developers and publishers even more.

The new division is Fofofum. It is a group within Sleepy Giant that provides infrastructure, support, and full back-end operations that help developers manage their products and players. The idea is to let Fofofum handle the heavy lifting of getting a title working and keeping it running while the design team focuses on creating something fun.

“Game backend management is increasingly difficult with scale, and by leveraging our offerings, developers and publishers can streamline their operations and just focus on building great games,” Sleepy Giant chief technology officer David S. Lee said in a statement.

Previously, Sleepy Giant has helped developers and publishers maintain their services. The company has worked on projects like Activision’s Call of Duty: Elite. Fofofum will build on that previous experience to give developers support from a game’s launch and through its life.

“Sleepy Giant has over seven years of experience working with some of the largest and most complex online and mobile games,” said Lee. “Our team of experts have applied their firsthand experience and insights in building Fofofum’s technology and services to offer the best software, processes, and practices for managing game backends.”

Industrial Toys has worked with Sleepy Giant previously, and they’re now using its Fofofum operations service to launch its sci-fi shooter Midnight Star for mobile.

“Fofofum’s powers the game’s operations, [which saves] us both time and resources,” Industrial Toys president Tim Harris said.

Orcs Must Die and Hero Academy developer Robot Entertainment plans to use Fofofum for a future PC release. Like Industrial Toys, Robot is looking to save time and resources by handing off operational duties to Fofofum.

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