Don’t expect Apple to implement any dramatic design changes in iOS 8 — everything we’re hearing focuses on smaller changes in specific apps and iOS features.

For example, Apple may finally debut an API that lets apps communicate with each other better (something that’s been talked about for years), reports 9to5Mac. Earlier this week, the site previously reported on details around Apple’s revamped Maps app in iOS 8.

While apps in iOS have access to things like your phone’s contacts, they can’t easily share information with each other outside of that. By opening up those communications channels, Apple could pave the way for some interesting app concepts (similar to the freedom Android app developers have).

Additionally, 9to5Mac is hearing that Apple’s CarPlay feature will finally go wireless in iOS 8. The existing CarPlay only works when connected to a Lightning cable, which severely reduces the flexibility of moving it around your car. Apparently, Apple was working on wireless CarPlay functionality in iOS 7, but it looks like the feature didn’t make the cut for the initial launch.

Among other changes, the site is hearing that Apple is considering streamlining its notification center and automatically deleting iMessage threads, and it may even get rid of the Game Center app altogether.

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