If you’ve ever missed an important Skype chat while playing on your Xbox One gaming console, today’s update will be good news.

In its first big update for the Skype app since the Xbox One launched (with its strategy to do more than just play games and become an entertainment center for your living room), Microsoft has revamped its chat synchronization so you’ll no longer miss any messages. The new app also adds notifications for new chat messages (don’t ask why this wasn’t there at launch) and keeps a history of up to 1,000 chat messages.

The Xbox One’s extensive Skype integration is one of the more intriguing aspects of the console, since it serves as a gateway for both IM and video conferencing right from your couch. It’d be really interesting to see how many Xbox One owners actually use the Skype app for text chat, though — I’d figure many gamers already have their phones, tablets, or laptops nearby to multitask chats.

Microsoft has also added sorting your Skype buddy list by those who are actually online. Again, no clue as to why this wasn’t there at launch.

And as a cute tie-in to the upcoming film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Skype has also added promotional emoticons in all of its apps. I’d imagine there are better ways to promote a big superhero blockbuster, but clearly Marvel (and parent company Disney) have other ideas.