Titanfall isn’t even a week old, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had time to make some memories.

In developer Respawn’s sci-fi shooter, players run on walls, pilot giant mechs, and do so much more. It’s packed with astounding moments, so I decided to gather up some of my best kills and moves from the last week to share with you.

Some of these clips are so good that they’ll make you rip the arms off of a robot.

Using a Rematch burn card to get revenge

One of my favorite burn cards is Rematch. This enables you to hop right back up after you die so you can have another go at the person who took you out. It’s the best cure for when you feel like rage-quitting. Instead of throwing your controller, toss out your burn card and get revenge.

That’s exactly what happens in the clip below:

Death from above

No Titan lasts forever. Eventually, you’re going to have to eject out of your mech. The question is whether you’ll make use of the awesome height and airtime you get from popping out of your walking tank.

In this video, I eject and use the wall-hang ability to scope out the situation from the very top of the map. This enables me to see an unaware enemy pilot that I can take out by dropping in on him from above with the Smart Pistol.

Ripping off a Titan’s arms and beating him with them

I promised arm-ripping. Here we go.

When a Titan enters a doomed state, it is vulnerable to one-hit melee strikes. These attacks vary in style depending on the Titans involved in the conflict. In the video below, my heavy Ogre took on a tiny Stryder, and things didn’t go so well for the little Titan. You don’t even have to let the wookie win.

Killing a man and his Titan

Sure, Titans are cool, but you can still do plenty of damage as a pilot. Nothing is stopping on-foot soldiers from killing a Titan.

In this video, I rodeo a Titan into submission before killing the pilot that comes out to deal with me. It’s a one-two punch that makes for one of the most satisfying moments in the game.

Smart-pistol rampage

Finally, after spending most of my time with the Hemlock rifle, I went back and gave the Smart Pistol a go. This was a wise choice, as I was able to wipe out an enemy team in this endless killstreak.


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