As partial as we are to English, we know people read news articles in other languages. Now it’s possible to save the articles in six other languages in your Pocket.

The read-it-later app for desktops and mobile devices now supports articles in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, Pocket announced in a blog post today.

The Internet is hardly a single-language invention. Social networks from Facebook to Pinterest have been seeking to bolster their features in the quest to gain users around the world, while some businesses are looking to understand what consumers are saying about them in many languages.

Now it’s a matter of helping people around the world save articles they want to read later in the popular Pocket app.

“Already over 40 percent of Pocket’s users speak a language other than English, and 60 percent of our users live outside the United States,” marketing manager Kait Gaiss wrote in today’s blog post.

pocket language 1

To make it easier to push articles into your Pocket, the company has been lining up partnerships with companies like Russian search engine and email provider Yandex, to make one-click Pocketing a reality across more Internet apps. And it sounds like Pocket will be taking more steps to make Pocket an international standard.

“We are thrilled that Pocket is now available in six new languages, but this is only the beginning of bringing our platform to a broader audience,” Gaiss wrote.