Update 8/1: New 20% off coupon at GameFly this week. Use coupon AUG20OFF at checkout to get WildStar Digital Deluxe for only $59.99. Details below.

Lauded by many as the next WoW-killer (or its detractors as yet-another-WoW-clone), the humorous MMO WildStar launches its official pre-order period starting today. We dug through the web and found some solid deals for those who’ve already made up their minds to pre-order the game. For those opting for the digital version of WildStar, there’s a 20% off coupon available at digital distributor GameFly. For the physical copy (because some of us do enjoy having a boxed copy), GameStop has a limited time 25% off coupon that works on WildStar.

Even better for the digital crowd, the Digital Deluxe edition of WildStar offered at GameFly qualifies for the aforementioned 20% off coupon, making an enticing offer for those already set on spending the $60 MSRP. Full breakdown of the deals and pre-order bonuses can be found below.

Best Deals on WildStar Digital Versions

Click here to get Wildstar Digital Deluxe Edition for $59.99
Use coupon: AUG20OFF
Click here to get Wildstar Digital Standard Edition for $47.99
Use coupon: AUG20OFF

Best Deals on WildStar Physical Versions

Click here to get WildStard Standard Edition for $50.99

Use coupon PAYPAL15 for the discount and SAVER for free shipping. (Update: Deal’s Dead)

The 15% off code at GameStop actually doesn’t require you to use PayPal (the irony of which is not missed), but it will expire on March 23. The SAVER free shipping coupon works on all titles $25 and over.

Pre-Order Bonuses for WildStar:

  • 3 day head start
  • Access to WildStar Beta weekends
  • Exclusive Rocket House (seriously, it’s a rocket house – what more could you even ask for?)
  • Housing trophy
  • In-game storage bag
  • Name and guild registration

All copies of WildStar will include:

  • 30 days of play time
  • 3 guest passes for 7 days of play time each
  • Housing Decor Item

WildStar Digital Deluxe Bonuses:

  • Hoverboard mount
  • Eldan costume
  • Eldan player title
  • Dye – Eldan colors

The Eldan-themed hoverboard mount is of course a key draw for the Digital Deluxe edition. While the Eldan augmentation costume is nice, the rest seems more like the usual vanity flair you’ll see in other Deluxe Editions of late.