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For online retailers hoping to increase sales and bring in more customers, it’s not just enough to have the best-looking website or lowest prices. Customers are willing to forgive a mediocre website and will pay higher prices if you can manage one thing:

Give consumers as many product details as you possibly can.

Customers are going online more frequently, searching for specific items. They’re basing their buying decisions on what they find online, and they’re demanding more item information. They want as many details as they can get: specs and sizes, features, photos of the items in different colors, warranty information, and so on.

And they’re buying from retailers that give them the most product information. Consumers aren’t willing to wade through a series of PDF brochures. They want their details fast and in just a click or swipe or two from their laptops and mobile devices.

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If suppliers want to help their retailers increase sales of the vendor’s items, they’ll work to provide this data, expand it, and collaborate with retailers to make the most of their product placements.

Bottom line: Customers aren’t looking at brands and store names as much anymore. They don’t have an affinity for one giant online retailer over another. Our research shows they’re buying from the place where they find the most and best information, from the places where they get their questions answered, and from the companies embracing the omnichannel, providing the same experience in all interactions a customer has with a brand, whether it’s online, mobile or in stores.

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