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Tuesday, April 29
10 a.m. Pacific

Join GamesBeat lead writer Dean Takahashi and deltaDNA, CEO & co-founder Mark Robinson for a live webinar exploring “Why players are leaving your game, and how to change this.”

With the cost of acquiring new players often outstripping lifetime value in free-to-play games, building a long-term relationship with those who play your game is essential. This free webinar shares Player Relationship Management techniques and industry case studies to help you understand why players are leaving your game — and how to reverse this.

Understanding that all players are not the same and identifying different playing styles and behaviors is paramount to successful player relationship management. We’ll use cross-genre and platform-market data to look at different behaviors in the game lifecycle, including acquisition, the first 60 seconds, the first time to payment, and reengagement.

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Attend this webinar and you’ll learn …

  • How to segment your playing base into clear playing styles and use this information when designing and managing free-to-play games.
  • How to unlock the threshold of engagement using analytics and targeting techniques.
  • How to build an effective retention strategy that personalizes the game experience via a case study from social casino developers Playspace.
  • How to reduce player churn and build a long-term relationship with your players.
  • How to deliver the maximum ROI on your acquisition spend.

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