Google has launched a brand new Chromecast app today, called Photowall, that will let you display and annotate photos from your iPhone on your TV screen.

The app is only available for iOS devices for now, but it’s built to allow people to participate regardless of what device they’re using.

Basically, you’ll launch a collage via Photowall and invite others to add additional photos via a URL in the Chrome web browser. The app will record the entire process of assembling a collage and then convert it into a YouTube video for later.

Photowall is hardly the most cutting-edge app for Chromecast that’s been released thus far, but it may serve other purposes.

For instance, such functionality might lure non-tech savvy folks to buy and use Chromecast over Roku, which is also planning Chromecast-like mirroring functionality in its next device. Photowall may also help grow interest among developers, who may then start developing Chromecast apps using the newly release SDK from Google.

Google said an Android version of Photowall is due out in the near future, as well. For a closer look at the app’s functionality, check out the Photowall demo video from Google embedded below.