One of the best-selling digital games for Xbox 360 is jumping over the gaping chasm for a new mobile release.

Publisher Ubisoft revealed today that it will release Trials Frontier for iOS on April 10. This is the latest entry in developer RedLynx’s challenging motorcycle platforming franchise, which has had huge success on Xbox 360 and Steam. Trials Frontier is free to download and takes place in a bleak future where humanity must traverse apocalyptic landscapes with their motorbikes to survive. With a free-to-play mobile version, Ubisoft is hoping that it can capture a portion of the $16 billion mobile-gaming industry.

In addition to the iOS release, Trials Frontier will also hit Android “at a later date,” according to Ubisoft. A new console version, called Trials Fusion, is due out April 16 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PC.

RedLynx has worked on Trials games since 2000. The series has always performed well, but it didn’t break out until Trials HD for Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade in 2009. That’s when the series caught on with a mass audience, who quickly drove up its sales.

In 2012, RedLynx and Ubisoft released Trials Evolution for Xbox 360. It immediately set the record for the highest day-one sales of any Xbox Live Arcade game with 100,000 sold in the first 24 hours.

Motorcycle platforming is a popular genre on mobile. Titles like Trial Xtreme 3 have more than 10 million downloads on Android and iOS and feature a very similar style of gameplay to Ubisoft’s titles. With Trials Frontier, the publisher is aiming to get in on some of that action.


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