The NBA’s Indiana Pacers are kicking off a new Google Glass experiment. Sadly, the in-game experience won’t feel quite so in-game.

At tomorrow’s game, halftime show performers, the Pacers’ announcer, and its official dance group, the Pacemates (clearly not a play-on-words for Playmates, right?), will wear Glass. The team shares that select Pacers players will also wear Glass during a non-gameday practice, but unfortunately, fans won’t be able to enjoy awesome, first-person action videos of the game.

While some professional players and associations, including tennis, have embraced Glass, first-person action shots still remain a pipe dream for most pro sports fans.

Performance risks aside, Google Glass is simply not ready for the big leagues. The NBA recently required LeBron James to change the color of his face mask for his broken nose. It’s safe to say that a face computer, of all things, won’t be allowed on the court any time soon.

Perhaps most important, it doesn’t look like Google cares too much about sports appeal. Google’s latest announcement brings fashion eyewear brands like Ray-Ban into the mix as Google attempts to make face computers fashionable.

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