SAN JOSE, Calif. — Want to play games in 5K resolutions? Nvidia’s new graphics card can do that — but it’ll cost you $3,000 for the luxury to do so.

Nvidia chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang showed off a new high-end graphics card, the GeForce GTX Titan Z, today at its GPUTech conference. The new card represents the state of the art in computing, usable in everything from oil exploration to insane gaming on monitors where you’ll be able to see an immense amount of detail.

He showed off the new card just after he unveiled the next-generation graphics architecture, dubbed Pascal. While Pascal won’t be in graphics chips until 2016, the Titan Z is available now.

The device has 5,760 CUDA cores, or processors that can handle both computing and graphics tasks. The card has two Kepler-based graphics processing units, or GPUs, and 12GBs of video memory. It will enable 5K gaming, Nvidia said.

“That comes out to about 50 cents a processor,” Huang said.

The Titan Z is aimed at high-end computing, but a few gamers might want to throw it into a screaming desktop gaming machine. Huang showed a demo from Epic Games. Built with Unreal Engine 4, the demo showed a fighting scene inside a darkened passageway. One mean-looking character pummeled attackers with his fists, and the lighting seemed ultrarealistic, with shadows moving and shifting as the light and camera angle changed.

“This is the future of computer graphics,” Huang said.