ShowYou is now one step closer to becoming the ideal personalized TV service.

Remixation, the company behind ShowYou, is today adding support for Google’s Chromecast stick on its iOS and Android apps, which gives ShowYou yet another way to pipe content to your television. (It already supports AirPlay streaming on the iPad and iPhone.)

Given that ShowYou is focused on finding you the most interesting online videos (based on your interests and what your friends share on social media), Chromecast support seemed like only a matter of time. But according to Mark Hall, Remixation’s founder and CEO, the Chromecast integration also makes ShowYou far more like a traditional television watching experience.

Thanks to Chromecast’s HDMI-CEC support, it can turn on your television and switch inputs whenever you choose to share a video from ShowYou. That’s something that even the Apple TV can’t do. Now that you won’t have to go fishing for your remote whenever you want to send a video to your TV through ShowYou, using it is even easier than tuning to your cable box.

I only had a brief chance to try out the updated ShowYou app from the iPad Mini, but it managed to share several videos to my Chromecast without a problem. I actually found it faster and more stable than sharing a video to my Apple TV over Airplay.

Hall tells me ShowYou now also pays more attention to video channels that you like, as well as how much of a video you watch, to determine what videos it recommends to you. With a combination of better content recommendations and an easier way to view videos on your TV, ShowYou may finally be poised to take off. Hall tells me ShowYou’s app has been downloaded several million times, and it now has registered users in the mid-six figures.

ShowYou is also slightly revamping its Channels service, which lets content owners easily monetize their videos. While you previously had to pay to be a Channel provider, now there’s a free path that lets anyone sign up. Hall notes that ShowYou’s top contributor channels are getting “enough views to be a real business,” and big media companies are showing interest in its platform.

San Francisco-based Remixation has raised around $5.5 million from True Ventures.