Twitter is rolling out some new features for its mobile apps that enhance the social network’s photo-sharing, the company announced today.

The most notable feature update to the mobile apps is the capability to tag up to 10 different people within a photo uploaded to Twitter. The functionality is very similar to social network rival Facebook, which has had the capability to tag people in photos for years now.

Twitter likely wants to keep itself more competitive, and with photos being one of the main draws for sites like Facebook, today’s mobile app updates will certainly do that. (At the same time, it also opens up a whole new can of worms when it comes to trolling people with tags.)

Twitter said tagging people within a photo won’t count against the 140-character tweet message limit, (which isn’t surprising since 10 different names would probably exceed the character limit, anyway). Users will also be able to add up to four photos per tweet when using Twitter’s official mobile apps.

The new photo functionality should be available now via updated versions of Twitter’s iOS and Android apps.