You can now climb the ladder of power on your Apple tablet.

Developer Disruptor Beam released Game of Thrones: Ascent for iPad today after months of availability on PC. This enables fans of the hit Game of Thrones television series on HBO (based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels) to build their own noble house in the fictional world of Westeros on the go. The free-to-play social game has players embarking on quests, making tough choices, and working with friends to win the “game of thrones.” The title is available to download now for free from the Apple App Store. It is also available on Facebook and through GameStop’s web portal Kongregate. An Android version is in the works and will debut “in the near future.”

“We recognize that tablets are actually where so many Game of Thrones fans are either reading the books or watching the TV show,” Disruptor Beam chief executive Jon Radoff said in a statement. “So, it makes perfect sense that we bring this great game, which 2 million players have already enjoyed online, to the iPad, giving Game of Thrones fans even more of a chance to immerse themselves in Westeros.”

The studio timed this release to hit right before HBO begins airing the fourth season of Game of Thrones, which begins April 6 in the U.S. The iPad is one of the most-popular second-screen devices that people use while watching television. Having the title available on that platform could help it attract a number of users who want to experience an expanded Game of Thrones experience while watching the popular show.

Disruptor Beam first released Game of Thrones: Ascent in 2013. It has continued to update the title with new content that expands the storyline. The developer has already confirmed that it will continue to update its app throughout season four. As new episodes debut, Ascent will get new quests, in-game items, and more.

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