A sweets-loving monster is making a reappearance on Android, and it has nothing to do with Candy Crush Saga.

Developer ZeptoLab released Cut the Rope 2 for Android today. The physics-based puzzler has players manipulating objects to help a little creature named Omnom get his precious candies. Cut the Rope 2 first debuted for iOS in December for $1, and the studio worked over the last few months to adjust the game to make it free for its Google Play launch.

“Our fans with Androids have been eagerly awaiting Cut the Rope 2 since the iOS game first became available in December,” ZeptoLab chief executive Misha Lyalin said. “We have been working hard to bring new content and challenges to this free version, while maintaining the all of the fun and simplicity that made Cut the Rope 2 great.”

In addition to the Google Play release, ZeptoLab plans to launch Cut the Rope 2 on Amazon’s Appstore on March 30. This will enable Kindle Fire owners to get in on the monster-feeding action.

While this is the first direct sequel to Cut the Rope, which debuted in 2010 on iOS, the franchise has seen a few previous spinoffs. These include Cut The Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel. Both featured similar gameplay with slight twists. ZeptoLab also released a new game called Pudding Monsters in 2013, which is another physics puzzler.

The company noted today that the Cut the Rope franchise has surpassed more than half a billion downloads.

While Cut the Rope 2 is free to play on Android, it will bring over the microtransactions it featured on iOS. Players can purchase digital items to help them solve difficult puzzles, and they can also unlock the more difficult level packs for around $2.

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