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There’s no better way to show you’re a dedicated player to an MMO than waking up at 4AM in the morning to join in on a pre-order early access head start. If you’re in North America, that head start for The Elder Scrolls Online is now live. For those who’ve ordered the Standard Edition from third party retailers (versus the official store), you’ll have to wait three more days until April 1st to get in on the ESO action.

If you’re still sitting on the fence and watching the plethora of streams now popping up on Twitch, there are still preorder deals on The Elder Scrolls Online, although time is running out. At the digital distribution store Green Man Gaming, gamers can grab the Imperial Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online for $64.00 after coupon, while those who care little about the exclusive Imperial race can get the Standard Edition for $48.00 after discount. Details on the deals and prices for your respective region are below.

Update: The post previously was missing links to the preorder deals along with coupon codes. Fat-fingered saving snafu? Sorry about that.

20% Off ESO Preorder:

Use coupon: PLOCVS-G2T5YX-DATY6M

Prices in UK/EU:

  • £56 in UK
  • €64 in EU
  • £40 in UK
  • €44 in EU

Both editions of The Elder Scrolls Online include the “Explorer Pack” preorder bonus along with bonus treasure maps and a vanity Scuttler pet. The Explorer Pack will allow you to pick any race and play in any alliance. If you purchase after the preorder period, you’ll receive activation keys that will limit certain races to certain alliances.

For those slinging out additional money for the pricier Imperial Edition, you’ll receive additional features, mostly in the form of vanity Imperial style gear. You do get the special Imperial White Horse mount, an in-game item that’s arguably a slight advantage for those starting out without a mount. Beyond the Imperial race additions, you’ll also receive the Rings of Mara, which allow you to get bonus XP with a gaming partner. Finally Imperial Edition comes with the mudcrab vanity pet (because it’s super normal for mudcrabs to follow gamers in the world of Elder Scrolls).

Early Access Schedule

The full schedule for early access on The Elder Scrolls Online was published last week during Zenimax’s AMA on Reddit:

5 day early access on 3/30/14 (that’s today):

  • NA: 7 A.M. EDT
  • UK: 12 P.M. WEST
  • EU: 1 P.M. CEST
  • AU: 10 P.M. AEDT
  • SG: 7 P.M. SGT

3 day early access on 4/01/14 (this upcoming Tuesday):

  • NA: 7 A.M. EDT
  • UK: 12 P.M.WEST
  • EU: 1 P.M. CEST
  • AU: 10 P.M.AEDT
  • SG: 7 P.M. SGT

Launch Schedule

North America is the only region launching on Thursday April 3rd, while other regions will launch on the release date of April 4th 2014.

  • NA: 7 P.M. EDT
  • UK: 12 A.M. WEST
  • EU: 1 A.M. CEST
  • AU: 10 A.M. AEDT
  • SG: 7 A.M. SGT