Power computer maker Eurocom, founded in 1989, is formally going public today with an initial public offering at $20 per share.

Trading is scheduled to begin on NASDAQ today for 400,000 shares of the company’s common stock under the symbol EM, continuing through April 16. The company offers very high-end systems, servers, and mobile devices, where the sky is the limit for benchmarking.

Literally. The company intends to use some of its financing from stock sales to fund a trip to space. The intent, according to the Ottawa, Ontario-based firm, is “to benchmark our systems in the frozen vacuum of the cosmos, which will improve benchmark results and allow for maximum over clocking.” Given Eurocom’s pursuit of new benchmarking heights, one assumes this isn’t an April Fools joke.

Testing the limits of gravity-less performance is only one aspect of Eurocom’s cultivated image of an over-the-top quest for computing power. It boasts of being “currently the only company on earth offering an LGA 2011 based 12 core Mobile Server,” which is the hand-carried Eurocom Panther 5SE Mobile Server.

Its high-end machines are targeted at engineering teams, gamers, and scientists. The bespoke notebooks offer extensive, handpick-able configurations. Users can select virtually every aspect of a Eurocom notebook on the company’s website, from more than four dozen selectors that include four levels of 3D, six different RAM configurations, and nearly 20 choices for each of four hard drives.