It’s April Fool’s Day, and you are probably having a wonderful time … what’s that? You’re not having a wonderful time? You hate everyone and their stupid jokes, and you want to live in space now? Well, let’s see if we can do something about that.

Kerbal Space Program developer Squad released the latest update for the rocket-science simulator today. This patch includes a number of new parts for your shuttle-building needs as well as a completely original mission designed in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The quest has players working to redirect an asteroid that will collide with planet Kerbal. NASA and Squad based all facets of this mission on the real-world program space agency is working on to redirect asteroids that could hit Earth. Like all previous patches, this update is free to anyone who already owns the game.

“The Asteroid Redirect Mission is going to challenge our players like never before, as it creates new situations that have never been encountered before in the game, regardless if you’re a new or veteran player,” Kerbal Space Program creator Felipe Falanghe said in a statement. “Expect lots of new challenges to properly complete the mission, and lots of new features as well to help the Kerbals and you along the way.”

The new parts include an advanced limb for clawing on asteroids and new rocket boosters for reaching the space debris in the first place.

“When you’re planning a new mission, there is no shortage of people who have ideas on how to see it executed,” NASA communications boss Bob Jacobs said. “Kerbal Space Program is an immersive experience where would-be rocket scientists and engineers can put those ideas to the test in innovative and creative ways.”

I’m hoping that I can test my idea of flying a Kerbal named Bruce Willis up to the asteroid.

Kerbal Space Program is available to purchase now from Steam‘s Early Access portal for $27. Falanghe and Squad are constantly adding new features, and they plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. This partnership with NASA made this latest patch one of the game’s biggest yet.

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