The U.K. just got a little more comfortable, Google-owned Nest joked today in an announcement saying it has brought its smart thermostat to the country.

New feature number one: Celsius support. We’re kidding — that was already an option — but the U.K. Nest does tout some new features, said Nest’s Erik Charlton in a blog post.

“Nest Thermostat is an almost entirely new Nest Thermostat [in the U.K.],” he wrote. “The one we have in the U.S. and Canada won’t work for the U.K. because there’s a different problem to solve. The issue isn’t that you leave the heat or AC on all day. It’s that you barely have any control over your heat. Or your bill.”

Nest hopes to solve these issues, giving owners more control over their home temperature and energy usage. The company “strongly encourages” professional installation in the U.K., because boilers in the U.K. use high-voltage wires.

Including installation, Nest will cost British consumers as much as $415, compared to its $245 price tag for U.S. customers.

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