New Online and Mobile Commerce Destination is the First to Combine Online and Brick-And-Mortar Shopping that Users Create, Organize and Share


There’s no denying the love affair that exists between people and stores. It’s real and it can be powerful – especially with local favorites. The new social commerce site, Sydewalk, which launched today, is the first platform that makes the relationship between shoppers and stores the center of everything. Sydewalk is introducing a completely new way for shoppers to connect with their favorite stores, on a social commerce platform built for personalization, sharing and discovery.

Available online and via a mobile app, Sydewalk allows shoppers to directly connect with brick-and-mortar stores on a convenient e-commerce platform where they can purchase items, share great finds and gain VIP access to deals. Shoppers build personalized malls, called Sydewalks, filled with their favorite stores, restaurants and local boutiques – creating an experience that’s less like a website and more like a walk down a neighborhood street lined with stores handpicked by them.

“We believe that the connection shoppers have with the stores they love is real and significant, which is why we’ve created a platform to bring them together in one place so they can benefit and connect on a deeper level,” said Bruce Maguire, Founder and CEO of Sydewalk. ” We also think you shouldn’t have to go to different sites or locations to get the experience, service and products you want. All of your favorites should be in one spot, completely built around you to reflect your interests, style and tastes. ”

Take a Walk Down Sydewalk

Sydewalk allows shoppers to organize stores by location, category and even by products. They also can easily search and bookmark multiple items and put them in one cart for purchasing. Additionally, connecting directly with stores gives users VIP access to deals, promotions and upcoming events, with the ability to share that information with friends.

Sydewalk users are members of a community of shoppers and stores that offers an open forum for sharing and discovering items and interests. Sydewalk allows shoppers to recommend stores and share purchases with friends, while discovering what their friends are into and where they’re shopping.

The benefits Sydewalk offers local stores and retailers is significant – providing them with unique tools to reach and engage with their loyal customers, find new customers and expand their reach without ever building a new location. While Sydewalk lives online and on mobile devices, it still creates opportunities for stores to increase foot traffic by highlighting their location and offering shoppers incentives for in-store visits.

The multi-channel engagement opportunities Sydewalk offers stores are crucial for smaller retailers to effectively compete, grow and thrive in today’s ultra-competitive commerce landscape. In fact, according to research from Columbia University’s School of Business, “Millennials actually prefer to shop in-store and are more prone to visit retail stores that keep the shopping experience social and provide fresh new offerings.” The research also revealed that, “Millennials prefer an omni-channel experience. They love to visit stores and find shopping to be a form of entertainment, but they want their retailers to engage them on every channel.”

In addition to offering unique shopping experiences, Sydewalk can also be used as a tool when traveling, pursuing a special interest and even gift-giving. The platform allows users to create Sydewalks for cities throughout the world, so they know the best places to shop before their plane touches the ground. Sydewalk also allows shoppers to find, organize and bookmark items they’re interested in, so when they arrive at their destination, instead of asking around or referencing travel books and blogs, they can go right to their favorite stores and start shopping. Users can also use Sydewalk as gift-giving guide and destination. By sharing their Sydewalks with friends and family, the days of ugly sweaters and clunky jewelry are over.

For more information about Sydewalk, visit or the Apple Store to download the Sydewalk app for iOS devices.

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