Here are the day’s fuding stories:

Square racks up $200M in debt financing

Low-cost payment processing service Square just secured its own low-cost credit source. The company has secured a revolving credit line with Goldman Sachs leading the deal and Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, and Silicon Valley Bank also participating. Read the rest on VentureBeat.

Scytl gets $40M

Paul Allen‘s new fund, Vulcan Capital, just invested $40 million into Scytl to boost the tech behind online elections. Scytl launched in 2001 in an attempt to replace paper voting ballets with electronic systems and claims to have 87 percent of the worldwide market share for such systems. Today, the firm is firmly pushing its online voting service. Read more on VentureBeat.

Vengo takes $2M

Via email: “Vengo, the leading maker of compact, interactive, digital kiosks, closed a $2 million Series A financing round from an investor group that includes Coinstar Founder Jens Molbak, Brad Feld, Nas and Anthony Saleh’s QueensBridge Venture Partners, Joanne Wilson, Kensington Capital, Tony Hsieh’s Vegas Tech Fund, Scout Capital, and Vector Media. The funding will go toward scaling Vengo’s NYC digital interactive platform of sixty Vengos, which currently drives 280,000 active consumer engagements each month.”

Wellframe raises $1.5M

In a perfect world, every patient would be sent home from a hospital visit with a nurse in tow to make sure they’re following instructions and to monitor possible symptoms and answer any concerns that come up. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry just can’t accommodate that. However, Boston-based Wellframe thinks it can help, and today it’s announcing $1.5 million in seed funding for its product and service that combine mobile technology (apps) and artificial intelligence to connect healthcare providers and patients once they’ve returned home. Read more on VentureBeat.

Mobile Reactor takes $1.2M

Mobile Reactor wants to “create a new interactive television experience” by marrying traditional media and digital platforms. Sounds like it’s getting into the same territory Twitter is trying to claim. We don’t know much about the still-stealthy company, but SEC documents show the company has filed forms for a $1.2 million fundraise.

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