Microsoft announced a new version Skype today that caters to those that use the VoIP service while broadcasting: news teams, podcasters, etc.

The new version, dubbed Skype TX, actually makes a lot of sense considering how essential Skype has become for the majority of podcasts, video webcasts, and even professional broadcast programs.

Seriously, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t use Skype to call into a live or pre-recorded show. I’m actually surprised Microsoft hasn’t moved in this direction sooner, considering it purchased Skype for $8.5 billion way back in 2011.

The Skype team said the new version comes as a result of Microsoft’s acquisition of Cat and Mouse, and will be part of the service’s Skype in Media offerings (which currently just shows examples of how media companies are using Skype). Skype TX, the team added, will deliver “a high quality hardware and software Skype integration direct into a studio environment.”

That means broadcasters who sign up for Skype TX will presumably get a more reliable connection as well as an experience that doesn’t include advertising or other interruptions that would prove bothersome while recording a show.

Skype didn’t release pricing for the new service, but it did say Skype TX was schedule to launch later this year.