What if a smartwatch were more than just an accessory for your smartphone?

Samsung may be testing that possibility with an upcoming smartwatch that can send and receive calls thanks to its very own SIM slot. And it seems Samsung has come up with just the right name for the standalone smartwatch: Gear Solo, according to the Korea Herald.

What’s the big deal? Samsung’s current Galaxy Gear smartwatches require a connection to a Samsung phone over Bluetooth to function. They’re basically just remote interfaces for your phone. But if the report is accurate, the Gear Solo would be able to do phone-like things, including handling calls and texts, with its very own SIM card.

While it sounds like an interesting experiment, I can’t imagine too many consumers would dump their smartphones for a wristwatch. And given the battery issues with Samsung’s first Galaxy Gear, it’d be impossible to convince people to rely on a phone that lasts for only five to six hours.

The Gear Solo could also continue to be a smartphone accessory, but one with the convenience of its own data connection when necessary. Google’s Android Wear smartwatch project also relies on smartphones for their mobile connections, and it seems like that will be the prevailing model for future smartwatches.

At this point, Samsung is looking to release the Gear Solo in Korea first, a source tells the Korea Herald. And, of course, the company may also end up choosing a different name by the time it’s released.