Grand Theft Auto Online puts one hell of a twist on the classic capture the flag game mode.

With its update coming Friday, developer Rockstar Games is upgrading GTA Online’s Creator Tool so that players can take advantage of its “Capture Jobs.” The multiplayer game, a standalone counterpart to Grand Theft Auto V, actually has four variants of Capture Jobs: Contend, GTA, Hold, and Raid. With the capability to use all kinds of vehicles, run decoys, set traps, and place obstacles, all of these modes add layers of strategy and creativity — and chaos — to the traditional formula.

Until the update is released, playing existing Capture Jobs will earn you double the GTA$ and RP (reputation points), the currency and experience in GTA Online.

GTA Online has been a financial success for Take-Two Interactive (which owns Rockstar) so far, in part because players purchase in-game items through microtransactions, as in many free-to-play games. It also has a huge installed base of 32.5 million players, since it comes bundled with every copy of Grand Theft Auto V sold.

In other news, here is a video of the worst 30 seconds ever for this poor guy in GTA Online. If you like laughing at the misfortune of others, this is comedy gold.



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